Unlimited TRADING

We provide import services from anywhere in the World including Far East, Europe, Americas, but particularly from CHINA. We provide this service to our clients on DOOR DELIVERY basis.

We can either provide our clients with the whole services required for import or only with the parts that our clients may need help in.

Our Import Services

-In-depth literature research concerning the product to be imported.

-Determination of the customs rules that would apply for the specific product and preparation of all the necessary documents. Placing the required ad for the product at places where it matters and carrying out all the following negotiations.

-Finding and listing the producers and suppliers of the product.

-Confirming the reliability of the companies included in the list by means of doing the necessary controls either in virtual environment or at their actual location, and determination of the right suppliers.

-Negotiating and when required bargaining on the price.

-Collecting samples after the determination of the right supplier and the right product.

-After the confirmation of the samples, issuing the contracts as required.

-Transferring the product cost as required by foreign exchange law.

-Monitoring the production at place and arranging for overseas transportation.

-Ensuring that the products are delivered to the shipping agent in good condition.

-Carrying out insurance transactions and having the products shipped.

-Performing clearance transactions after the products' arrival at the customs.

-Arranging domestic transportation for the customs-cleared products to be delivered at the clients door in good condition.

While providing the above services we always work on the basis of finding the most advantageous costs for our clients.

In this way we deliver the product at our clients' doors with the most convenient price.