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Zero Trouble Free Export

We export goods from various industries to several destinations including Europe, Middle East, Turkic Republics and the USA. We possess both the necessary knowledge and experience for exporting to anyplace in the World.

We provide package service to any company that intents to export their goods. We can also assist companies that carry out their own exports in any particular service included in the whole process.

Our Export Services

-Conducting in-depth literature research concerning the product to be exported.

-Determination of the customs rules that would apply for the specific product and preparation of all the necessary documents.

-Determining the competitors in the market and understanding how competitive we are in terms of price.

-Placing the required ads concerning the product at the right places and periodically renewing these ads.

-Introducing the product to the potential buyers included in our database.

-Conducting detailed market research specific for each targeted country.

-Briefing our clients concerning the results obtained from conducted market researches.

-Following and attending both domestic and overseas fairs related with the product or the industry in question.

-Finding the buyers and negotiating with them with the approval of the client.

-Sending samples.

-Issuing contracts.

-Determining the payment terms required by foreign exchange law and ensuring that the funds are transferred.

-Organizing overseas transportation.

-Having the products insured.

-Carrying out outward customs clearance.

-Ensuring that the products are delivered to the buyer in good condition.

In this way we help our companies expand abroad and have a word in the international arena.