The Reliable Address of Foreign Trade in Turkey

AKSTRADE guides companies that intend to import or export goods but do not know where to start from, and operates as the foreign trade department of any company that may be in need of.

We provide professional import services to companies established in Turkey, particularly by means of our partners in China. We also possess both the necessary capacity and experience to import from anywhere in the World, not only from CHINA.

We have extensive experience and background in various industries including but not limited to electronics, food, construction, textile, machinery & equipment, building, chemical and automotive spare parts industries. Regardless of the industry you are interested in, we import the product you need and deliver it at your door. In terms of exports, on the other hand, we introduce our producers that have limited experience in exports to the world. We utilize the internet, the essential element for foreign trade today, in the most effective way both in our import and export services. We strategically employ virtual markets and our overseas partners in order to find the right supplier or the right buyer and match them with our exporters or importers in Turkey. The most feared scenario in imports is not receiving the right product, or not receiving the product with the specified quality.

We take all the necessary measures to prevent this and through our partners in China we carry out quality control checks for the products we import.

As your partner in foreign trade, we provide you with the right service for the right price at your door.

Our Mission; Our goal is to become the persistent foreign trade department of SMEs and render our high-quality service sustainable.

Our Vision; We aim to brand ourselves as one of the leading outward-oriented foreign trade companies in Turkey.